"You won’t allow me to go to school.
I won’t become a doctor.
Remember this:
One day you will be sick."

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Maiden’s Tower, Istanbul

Istanbul View of the Day

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"What’s your favorite thing about your brother?"
"He’s cute."

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be obscure. be more embrace than endure. be problematic. be a rattle, a puzzle, a gordian knot or a pitched battle. be curious. be as reckless in mutiny as a considered chess move in scrutiny. be gall, goad. be sin and scandal. be the lipstick stain on a smoking gun. be the garter under the habit of a nun. be more blatant than the african sun. be amoral, tabooed, outlaw. be the whirr before the unseen falling of the chainsaw.

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I’m posting my favourite ever poster ever because it’s International Women’s Day and thank God for kickass Palestinian mothers who’ve fostered a nation of the most resolute people ever and who’ve carry the weight of military occupation for 70 years!

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"let those who
will sleep hungry
teach you how
to say grace"
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"Heteronormativity also becomes a form of comforting: one feels better by the warmth of being faced by a world one has already taken in. One does not notice this as a world when one has been shaped by that world, and even acquired its shape. Norms may not only have a way of disappearing from view, but may also be that which we do not consciously feel. Queer subjects, when faced by the “comforts” of heterosexuality may feel uncomfortable (the body does not “sink into” a space that has already taken its shape). Furthermore, queer subjects may also be asked not to make heterosexuals feel uncomfortable, by not displaying any signs of queer intimacy. The availability of comfort for some bodies may depend on the labour of others, and the burden of concealment. Comfort may operate as a form of ‘feeling fetishism’: some bodies can have comfort, only as an effect of the work of others, where the work itself is concealed from view."


Indian Sign Language - “We’re Going to be Friends.” A very sweet cute video featuring deaf schoolchildren in South India

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