"Since the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the official declaration of the war on terror, it has become more and more common for high schools to offer Arabic language elective courses instructed along the lines of “know your enemy” rather than as a means to foster a cultural connection."

'The US should encourage Arabic language students, not criminalise them' by Anna Lekas Miller. [x]

In August of 2009, Nicholas George boarded a flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. He was on his way back to university at Pomona College. While he was going through airport security, a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent discovered Arabic language flashcards in his carry-on luggage.

He was pulled aside, detained and interrogated for five hours – two of which were allegedly spent in handcuffs.

"Do you know who did 9/11?" one of the TSA agents allegedly asked.
"Osama bin Laden," George responded.
"Do you know what language he spoke?"
"Do you see why these cards are suspicious?"



Claire Fontaine - 'Foreigners Everywhere' (Arabic)


My mother had two faces and a frying pot
where she cooked up her daughters
into girls
before she fixed our dinner.
My mother had two faces
and a broken pot
where she hid out a perfect daughter
who was not me
I am the sun and moon and forever hungry
for her eyes.

I bear two women upon my back
one dark and rich and hidden
in the ivory hungers of the other
pale as a witch
yet steady and familiar
brings me bread and terror
in my sleep
her breasts are huge exciting anchors
in the midnight storm.

All this has been
in my mother’s bed
time has no sense
I have no brothers
and my sisters are cruel.

Mother I need
mother I need
mother I need your blackness now
as the august earth needs rain.
I am

the sun and moon and forever hungry
the sharpened edge
where day and night shall meet
and not be


From the House of Yemanjá


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Gazal (1964)

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Desert road to Philae, Upper Egypt, 1908.


Dipped in chocolate, bronzed with elegance, enameled with grace, toasted with

beauty. My Lord, she is a Black woman!

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A woman strolls the beach at Nazaré, Portugal, 1985.

[Credit : Bruno Barbey]

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A Bengali woman carrying her British “master” . 1903, India during the time of British colonialism. 

Look at that piece of shit. I hope he got trampled at some point and suffered a slow, bones breaking painful death.

Fucking hell, are you kidding me.


Violence does not consist so much in injuring and annihilating persons as in interrupting their continuity, making them play roles in which they no longer recognize themselves, making them betray not only commitments but their own substance, making them carry out actions that will destroy every possibility for action.

Emmanuel Levinas, Totality and Infinity

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